Email still reigns

This is the last article about Oscar Berg’s blog posts so far. Today I want to write about his arising question “How do we end the reign of internal emails?”. So far I wrote about the “opt-in culture”, statistics about the email usage and interesting approaches about to stop pure email communication and, very important, introductions of alternatives.

Out of Oscar’s experience each of his customer suffers from problems with internal emails. All the statements he mentioned before in his former articles occurred there, it is ‘badly executed communication’. Also Michael Arrington wrote that ‘the problems with email are getting worse’. Employees do not have the time to read carefully and respond in an adequate time anymore.

A lot of people are aware of the problem, but not so much has been done so far. The big issue is how companies implement social collaboration platforms. A lot of them put the platform in place and leave the people by themselves, in believe everything will come how it should come. For most of the employees it is “just” another tool – the companies fail with a fundamental change of the way people – managers and employees – are communicating with each other. Also in my environment I can see that people discuss about using email today and in future. The opinions are very ambiguous and still quite extreme, abolishment vs. retention.

I cannot go along with Oscar’s opinion that email is a perfect tool for managers. Even managers have to learn to work with social tools, maybe it is more difficult for them.

We are still left behind with an open question “How do we end the reign of internal email?”. That means that we could not take most of the people on the journey behind email, the “critical mass” has not reached yet. However, in my view we are just a view steps away to get the ball rolling.


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