Do you feel the power?

In the last weeks I have had time again to be engaged in learning, and observing our new social intranet. I have also written some articles within this blog (in German) about it already. Recently I feel that this kind of intranet can get a lot of power.

Why do I think so?

Colleagues start to exchange their opinions with others. You can feel that they think the same as you that they have the same problems as you. You feel a bit of togetherness different to the feeling you have with your colleagues around you. There are much more people „outside“ than you can think of who share the same problems or advantages as you. You can discuss also with diverging opinions, you may get solutions or at least a common agreement about that specific topic. You feel you get stronger, you get heard. There are people who are enthusiastic about the possibilities, they want everything at once, quickly. There are others who think about advantages and disadvantages, they question the sense of a change (as Germans always do ;-)). Each way is necessary to walk through to find the sense of the new social intranet.

To what does it lead to?

Today departments still can decide by themselves for the whole company, however they will get into focus of everybody in public. They have to deal with the opinions of hundreds or thousands at one time. They cannot ignore that amount of power anymore. That will be too much for them, they cannot deal with it without moving or changing their decision.

That means the current power is still more a static power, also because not everyone in the company knows about the social intranet (it is still not official announced), and also even they know, they do not use it or have a look in it. Discussions are still just between some people, and people in charge have not been involved yet. But my prediction is that will change quickly.

Within the next months there will grew up a power that the company cannot ignore anymore. There will come a specific point in time when the system becomes unstable, when the company starts reacting, starts moving. Maybe these departments I have mentioned or the people in charge of will start arguing against the common opinion. I mentioned it before, though, the pressure will be too strong. And if more people recognised the power they have and took advantage out of it, not only the „nerds“, then they or I should better say we were able to shift the company onto the right way.

But that also takes time, people have to recognise too before they can shift the company they have to move themselves to a different thinking, to share knowledge, to be present in public, to learn to get involved means to be active.

I am looking forward to seeing the point in time when that system starts moving. And I am very curious what will happen. Maybe the feeling is a little like the people had when the industrial revolution started. Changes in technology happened, changes in the working environment, in the society and also political systems happened. I want to stay on the ground and watch the companies change, as an employee but also active participant.


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